Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Relevance Does Intercultural Communication Ha

WHAT RELEVANCE DOES INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION HAVE TO LANGUAGE EDUCATION IN THAILAND? Abstract: This composition argues for the importance of including salient aspects of inter heathenish dialogue (ICC) in the teach of side of meat as a orthogonal address, with special reference to pedagogic contexts in Thailand. The paper begins by considering what is meant by inter ethnic talk and goes on to examine its relevance to language education. It continues by reflecting on the links between language, communication and horti burnish, and then relates these to Thailand, with both(prenominal) examples to illustrate points made. The paper concludes by stressing that incr facilitated intercultural communicatory competence (ICC competence) is likely to produce more(prenominal) proficient users of English as a foreign language. Introduction: Thailand, a land which has never been under colonial rule, defines English as a foreign language (EFL) rather than a second language (ESL). galore(postnominal) English carryers fail in the language learning, probably referable to the teachers fail to consider the needs of Intercultural Communication (ICC) while learn English. According to Piller (2007), ICC seems to focus on the purportedly challenging shew of the communicative process between people from different cultural backgrounds.
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We learn a new language, is to communicate with others, as close as understanding the related culture; language and culture are deeply linked. Elaboration of the Issue: In Thailand, more and more public domains of communication are applied in English, for example, education and business. Actually T! hais have a long line of studying English; however, it seems that the English standard in Thailand is ease considered low. According to Dogancay-Aktuna (2005), in many context of language didactics and learning, student seem frustrated and subsequently fail in language learning where the curriculum and teachers fail to take intercultural communication (ICC) into consideration. Thai people...If you want to get a full essay, pull it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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